DIDEEP Diving Mini Scuba Cylinder Oxygen Tank Underwater Breath Set Yellow

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Features:1. The 0.5L oxygen cylinder allows the diver to stay 7 meters underwater for 6-10 minutes (depending on individual lung capacity and depth of diving), perfect for beginners.2. Supports 3 types of inflation: Manual high-pressure Inflatable pump, aqualung switch, electric inflator.3. Uses aviation aluminum material and meets the manufacturing standards for diving equipment.4. Comes with a pressure gauge to show how much air is in the diving tank.5. Fitted with an ergonomic silicone mouthpiece.6. Press and hold the top to vent the pressure inside the bottle.7. Lightweight and portable design, it can be taken on board after twisting the breathing valve.Specifications:Breathing Oxygen CylinderCapacity: 0.5LMaterial: Aviation AluminumOxygen cylinder weight: 1300gMaximum Capacity:3.0 Cu.Ft / 85 LittersLength: 13.4 / 34 cmDiameter: 2.25 / 5.7 cmMaximum Pressure: 3000PSI / 200BAR / 20MPASurface Breaths: 57Max. dwell time underwater: 10minsPumping time:7-10minSize of Aluminum Box:67x41x13cm(26.38x16.14x5.12)Preventive MeasureWarning:1.This product is suitable for recreational diving within 10 meters.Do not try to use it as air supply in deeper waters.2.This product is suitable for use in waters that above 10 degrees Celsius.3.Recommended maximum ascent speed is 15 metres per minute (the last 6 meters need to be 6 meters per minute).4.Do not carry products with signs of damage, leakage or undesirable performance.5.The maximum filling pressure of this product is 3000PSI, and i


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